The mediation practicum consists of in-class, simulation-based training, including interactive training on the mediation process, the role and competencies of the mediator, ethical and regulatory rules governing mediation and a series of specific topics of mediation practice. It also includes an introduction to small claims court and to the primary legal issues that students will encounter in practice. This course satisfies the requirements of the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution (“GODR”) for the training of court-registered mediators. Students completing the course may register as neutrals with GODR and mediate cases in court-connected programs.

The practicum may be taken as a prerequisite to the mediation clinic or as a stand-alone course. Increasingly, litigated cases are resolved in mediation. Familiarity with mediation is an important part of a litigator’s education. Furthermore, the practicum imparts skills necessary for success in virtually any professional field.

Three credit hours. Satisfies experiential learning requirement. No prerequisite is required.

Course Description – UGA School of Law Catalog